White Garlic

White Garlic:-
Egypt occupies the third place in the production and export of garlic worldwide and one of the most famous cultivars in Egypt is white garlic and red (Chinese) and is exported fresh and dried.

• Garlic Improves Cholesterol Levels, Which May Lower the Risk of Heart Disease , It consists of several lobes , It has thick striped leaves that have a distinctive strong smell and Have strong taste .

HS Code: 070320 

Calibration: 40mm: 90mm


Plastic Box: 10.0 kg N.W / 11.0 kg G.W.   (Fresh & Dry)
Mesh Bags:  
5.0 kg N.W / 5.1 kg G.W  .    (Fresh & Dry)
Bamboo Bags: 
5.0 kg N.W / 5.3 kg G.W.   ( Fresh Only )

Carton Box: 10.0 kg N.W / 11.0 kg G.W.   ( Dry   Only )

Fresh    from   15 Jan   Till    10 Apr
Dried    from   20 Apr   Till   10 Jul

Container Capacity (40 feet): 20 pallet per Container


Plastic Box: 88 box per pallet.
Mesh Bags: 
180 unit per pallet.
Bamboo Bags: 
160 unit per pallet.


Plastic Box: 100 box per pallet
Carton Box: 
100 box per pallet.

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